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4 More Innovative Websites To Give You Design Inspiration

Design inspiration can show you how to bring a more positive look to your brand. Here are four more examples of how.

The importance of innovative design

Last week we outlined 3 innovative website designs that not only bring inspiration to us, but to our clients as well. Today we bring you 4 more, and be sure to read all the way through to see which was our favorite.

It is pretty widely agreed that design is an absolute necessity and crucial part of any website. Creative, eye-catching visuals are what captivate your viewers and ensure they engage with your products and services. 

Accomplishing a well-crafted and user-friendly website design doesn’t have to be complex, but it does require attention to detail. Effort must be placed into your color scheme, fonts, imagery, and format, to tie together the individual elements of your site. Take the time to really think about the choices made to ensure your user experience is spectacular. 

Below are a few more examples of innovative design featuring a variety of elements that make customers want to know more.

1. Spotify Design

Spotify.design boasts an interactive and visually stunning design that effectively showcases its blog content. 

The flip-through image cards in the interactive section create a playful and engaging user experience. Additionally, the use of bright and stylized graphics throughout the website adds to its visual appeal. 

Spotify employed skillful design in its carousels, incorporating images of varying heights and sizes that add an element of visual interest to the content without appearing unfinished. 

In addition to the captivating visuals, the website also features an engaging and charming call-to-action for their newsletter, reading “We saved a spot for your email.” 

Overall, Spotify presents a visually appealing and interactive experience for users, making it an enjoyable and memorable platform, and a great way to gain design inspiration.

2. Diana Danieli

dianadanieli.com offers an engaging and interactive front page that begins with a white background concealing a hidden drawing. If the user moves their mouse, they can uncover more of the drawing. Scrolling further uncovers the full geometric drawing, which then transforms into the original image. 

Once navigating the main page, the contrast between black and white is apparent, as are the red accents consistently drawing attention throughout the website. 

The unique mouse cursor allows users to interact with images on the page as they move the cursor, which geometrically blurs them. Text and images slide into view from the sides, simultaneously fading in, which adds character to the website in a subtle yet effective way.

Unlike a traditional header, the website features a sidebar that expands into an entirely black page with a menu. 

I got the most design inspiration from their use of 3D imagery in the first carousel. The 3D imagery adds depth and movement, with images slightly shifting as the user navigates the slides. 

Their geometric theme is consistent throughout the website, with various animations such as geometric distortion and element expansion adding to the overall aesthetic.

Overall, the website presents an engaging and visually stimulating experience for users.

3. nakashima woodworkers

nakashimawoodworkers.com features an image carousel in the background of their landing page. This carousel displays different quotes from the Nakashima family overlaid on top of beautiful shots of nature. 

Their use of imagery, including landscapes and wooden backgrounds, blends seamlessly with the bright white and forest green color palette implemented in their design. Most elements on the website are understated, clean, and simple, even within the animations. This creates a peaceful journey throughout the website that doesn’t jump out at you or take you away from the experience.

One especially noteworthy design element is the header, which darkens the entire screen as the user hovers over it. This allows space to be re-used while maintaining the clean and simple design. Additionally, nakashimawoodworkers.com implements a contrast between text, using different fonts for quotes than the rest of the website. This contrast brings an elegant touch to the words of the woodworking family, setting them apart from the basic text.

4. Crypton Trading Bot (Our favorite Design Inspiration example!)

The main design element of crypton.trading is centered around a brand character called Crypton, which is a stock trading robot with a unique personality. This character, featured in the upper left corner of the website, serves as an interactive animated logo, blinking and changing expressions. 

Crypton also serves as a narrator for the content, typing out the text for the user and seemingly controlling what goes on on-screen. 

The color scheme of the website is black with large, bold white text, and occasional pops of purple and red taking over text and visual elements.

The design team created animations for Crypton’s web personality, including a Magic 8 Ball that always advises the user to start buying. 

The website is currently closed to public access due to its acquisition by an investment company. However, you can still view the layout from the designer’s website.

In Conclusion

Innovative design inspires users to engage with products and services, which brings huge growth to a company. When you take the time to draw attention to your selling points and best features, you can significantly impact your user engagement.

Let us know which of these you liked the most on any of our social media platforms @sproutouts_com!

If you need an innovative website of your own, whether it is through a fresh start or some rebranding, be sure to reach out to us here. Growing businesses is our passion.

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