The “Incomplete Checkout” Email Flow

The incomplete checkout email flow reminds abandoning customers of their interest, and urges them to return to their purchase.

Quick Overview on the Incomplete Checkout email flow

The incomplete checkout email flow is triggered when someone abandons a purchase. This is a common technique for recovering abandoned sales and revenue that otherwise would have been lost.

How do i set it up?

The way you set up an incomplete checkout flow will depend on the ecommerce solution you use and the email service you use. Most of my clients use Shopify to sell their products, and klaviyo as an email service. These two services have integrations with each other that make this process easy and intuitive. Other services will come with their own processes. A good place to start is searching the internet for combinations of the two services you use. Once you figure out how to record an incomplete checkout, you can then set up your flow.

Email One: Remind The Customer Of Items Left In Their Cart

Start with an email that will trigger a few hours after the customer abandons their purchase. In this email, give your customer a friendly reminder about the items that are still waiting for them. Include images, descriptions, and pricing to remind them of their interest. Include an easy way for them to return to their checkout without having to re-add the items to their cart. This reminder, paired with an easy way to act, will make a good case for them to finish their purchase.

Email Two: Highlight similar or related products and services to what they didn’t end up purchasing

Create another email that triggers the day after their incomplete purchase. Start by gently reminding the customer again of their abandoned items. Then suggest related products and services they can look at instead. Throw in some social media testimonials and posts that make your products look even more appealing. Finish off with a way for them to return to their current purchase, or explore you new suggestions.

Email Three: Offer A Limited Time Discount

Set up a final email to trigger a few days later. Create a sense of urgency with a limited-time offer to complete the purchase at a discounted price. Clearly state an expiration date on the discount and emphasize that the cart items might also not be available for long.

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Now that you have an outline for an incomplete checkout flow, you can start looking into how to implement it with your setup. Need some help? Feel free to get in touch with me with questions.

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