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3 Websites With Innovative Design To Give You Inspiration

Innovative design can transform your online presence and bring a more positive look to your brand. Here are three examples to show you how.

The importance of innovative design

Design is a crucial part of any website. It captivates viewers and inspires them to engage with your products and services. When you implement an eye-catching, innovative design to your website it can transform your brand.

Accomplishing a well-crafted and user-friendly design doesn’t have to be complex, but it does require attention to detail. Putting effort into your color scheme, fonts, imagery, and format can tie together any website. Taking the time to clean up your website and highlight its most important features can significantly improve your user experience.

Below are a few examples of innovative design ranging from simple to complex. These websites feature a variety of elements that make customers want to know more.

Three websites with innovative design For Your Inspiration needs.

1. Slite

Slite.com makes it easy for its users to navigate and enjoy their website with its simple yet visually appealing design. They feature line work and color in a way that appears hand-drawn, making for an overall effect that is as fun as it is simple. 

Slite’s website mainly composes of a solid background with clean text and line work. Their color scheme consists mostly of cream and white, with pops of blue, pink, and orange drawing the eye to points of interest. This selective use of color separates important elements from the rest of the site, prompting users to interact.

Slite displays images of its application, the main product they are trying to sell, throughout the web page, showing off its features and design. Subscription plans for this product contrast the seemingly drawn-on free plan with a paid plan that jumps out at the user in color. 

Slite features their testimonials with sections highlighted in pink to draw attention. This attracts the user to an area that might have otherwise been overlooked. 

Overall, this website effectively showcases its app, its features, and its design, making it an excellent tool for promoting their product.

2. Mikaela Rueben

Mikaelareuben.com utilizes imagry and videography in a way that encapsulates the atmosphere of the blog. The visuals of nature combined with an earthy color palette set the stage for a calming and visually appealing experience.

Mikaela’s landing page features a background video of her vegetable-picking in a garden, drawing the user’s attention immediately to the call to action that has been overlaid on top. 

Her newsletter section incentivizes customers with a free eBook and encourages them to subscribe with promises of access to recipes to come. 

Her footer and header have been designed in such a way to include important information without taking away from the atmosphere of the website. The doubleheader includes social media links, a recipe search bar, a checkout bag, and main page links all without appearing cluttered. Her footer includes a second link to her newsletter as well as an image background leading to more important information.

Overall, Mikaela’s blog has a natural and visually stunning design that makes users want to know more about her brand.

3. Embassy Dental

Embassydental.com employs a simple yet effective design, using bright, colorful sections to highlight its main selling points and calls to action. 

This website strikes a balance between catering to existing patients’ needs and attracting new customers through its stand-out design. The accessible user interface makes it easy to find information and access features, while giving space for calls to action that draw in new customers. This can be seen with the contrast of the bold appointment booking button with the faded information boxes.  The button is easy to find, whereas until hovered over, the marketing information stays in the background. When a user does want to learn more, they can hover over these boxes, which come to life with color and appear to float off the page. These remain unobtrusive for those simply wanting to navigate to their tasks while remaining an effective marketing piece.

Overall, this website presents a professional and attractive image for a dental practice. 

In Conclusion

Innovative design can inspire users to engage with your products and services, effectively growing your brand. When you take the time to bring attention to your selling points and best features, you can significantly impact your user engagement. 

Complex features are not always necessary to create a well-crafted and user-friendly design, often simplicity is key. Putting effort into your color palette, layout, and imagery are just a few great ways to get started.

If you’re starting a new website or planning to redesign an existing one, consider incorporating fresh design ideas today. If you aren’t sure where to start, we can help! Check out our portfolio here.

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