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5 Reasons Why Every Small Business Should Have A Website

Having a website is crucial for success in today's market. Don't miss out on making your business the best that it can be.

Do I really need a website?

The Short Answer is yes. You absolutely do need a website for your small business if you want to be a competitor in today’s online age.

Think about it. When you want to check the news, order a pizza, or find out where the nearest grocery store is, you most likely check your phone. Almost everything we need on a daily basis is now accessible to us online. This includes most of the businesses we frequent.

As consumers, we’ve come to expect to be able to find every business we know of online. When we search for a local business online and can’t find anything, we often ignore that company in favor of more convenient online options. Because of this, small businesses that do not have websites miss out on opportunities for engagement, growth, and success.

What Will Having a Website Do For Me?

Having a website can draw in more leads, boost your engagement, save you time, give you more control over your brand, and more. Creating a website gives you a much needed competitive edge by giving your customers the opportunity to interact with your business on the internet. Need more detail? Here are 5 specific reasons every small business needs a website in today’s market.

1. Having an online presence matters

Having an online presence is crucial for success in today’s market. If you want your business to not only draw the attention of potential customers, but keep it, you need to be online. Many businesses don’t exist online, and suffer for it.

Now some businesses do exist online, but only barely. I’ve seen many small businesses that only have a simple Facebook page. While social media is important for marketing your brand, it doesn’t give you the same level of control as a website.

When Facebook goes down for a day (which happens more often than you think), it causes major distress for local businesses. Many companies lose business during the outage, others have to completely shut down. This is a major problem that can be solved with a website.

When you rely only on social media for your business operations, you lack the ability to keep your company online. Your brand is at the whims of social media, which goes for any platform, not just Facebook.

Websites can give you the control you need over your own company’s operations.

2. a website can draw in more leads

Websites can draw in major traffic to your business.

Many companies advertise on billboards and newspapers. These strategies are much less effective than they used to be. Having a website allows search engines to suggest your business to the consumers of your industry.

When I want good coffee I don’t just drive around, I google coffee shops nearby, and almost always choose something suggested to me by the internet.

A website is like an online brochure, it’s basically advertising that pays for itself. When people can access your branding, hours, pricing, etc. they are more likely to engage.

Having an online presence can take your business from a washed out road sign to being the first thing that pops up on someone’s phone when they search up your industry. It’s too good of an advertising opportunity to pass up.

3. a website can build credibility

Websites provide a great place for you to show your customers why they should choose your business over the rest. They can showcase your products and/or services in detail, show past work you’ve completed, display positive reviews, and more.

Websites can also humanize your brand and make you more relatable to the average customer. Mission statements and team bios are great examples of this. We call this “brand trust”, and it’s incredibly important for not only landing leads, but making sure your customers keep coming back.

The more people that find you through the website the more sales you can make. With more sales, there becomes more work you can display. The more completed work, the more testimonials you can receive. Those testimonials and work showcases can turn into more business. It’s a never ending positive feedback loop that can help grow your brand exponentially.

4. A Website allows for company expansion

When you have an online presence, it doesn’t just expand your physical reach, but your capabilities as a company.

Maybe you’ve been wanting a way to more efficiently make announcements to your consumers, now you can start an email newsletter that people sign up for when they visit your page. Or maybe you provide a service and want to sell products, but have no physical store. You can create an online one using ecommerce.

Having a website can give you so much more opportunity for growth than a simple Facebook or Yelp page, which limits your control over your own content and the ways you communicate with the world.

I mean, look at target.com. Even though Target is a huge company, think of the amount of sales they would miss out on if they didn’t start an online store using their own website. That’s not something you can do only using Yelp.

5. a website can save you time

Think about all the time you and/or your office spends writing emails, taking phone calls, or texting all your clients to let them know you’ll be closing for a holiday.

These simple tasks can be cut down greatly with the help of a website. Instead of only booking clients through phone and email, you can implement an online booking system that takes care of it for you. Now you are only taking half the phone calls as before and your customers are happy being able to book things themselves. No more hold times on phones, when they can simply click a few buttons to achieve the desired result.

You can create an email newsletter to spread announcements quickly to all of your customers, and post it on the website for good measure. People who have a question about your business can send in an inquiry form through the website, saving them the time of trying to track down your company email or calling your phone.

If your company keeps track of data (like most do) on paper or in scattered files on your computer, having a background page for your team with a database of information can be life-changing in the way that it saves you time.

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In Conclusion

Having a website is super important these days. Websites give you a competitive edge that you simply wouldn’t have without that online presence.

Creating a website is one of the best things you can do for your brand, and you can get started today. It may seem like a complicated task, but there are plenty of resources out there to make it easy. Our own business does just this for others. We have a passion for making websites for companies that aren’t sure where to start. But even if we are not your cup of tea, I encourage you to go out there and put your business online. You and your brand deserve it.

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