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About Us

an animation of leaves growing on a vine.

How we Got started

After graduating college with a computer science degree and finding no fulfillment in my day-time job, I decided to try and fulfill my long-time dream of helping small businesses get into the online world. I started making websites in trade for other services, and eventually started to gain traction. That’s when my twin sister joined in. With her business sense and artistic experience, we were able to officially create Sproutouts and start helping people all around us by making websites that represent their personalities, dreams, and aspirations. We are so honored with everyone that we worked with to get here, and hope to continue serving our community. Thanks for checking out our website, you being here means the world to us.

Meagan howey

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Meagan Howey

Meet Meagan Howey. She is passionate about helping businesses reach their full potential through the power of innovative websites. Aside from working with her clients, Meagan is also dedicated to sharing her knowledge and expertise in the web development industry.

Lauren Howey

Meet Lauren Howey . She handles the business side of things, as well as social media and marketing. As an artist, Lauren creates the color palettes and does fine tuning for each website created by Sproutouts.

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Bella - CCO (Chief Cat Officer)

Our office cat. Don’t be fooled, she owns a third of the company just like we do. (She does have her own office chair, she just prefers sleeping on ours).