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Welcome To Your New Website

We are so excited to work with you! Down below you will find resources to aid our journey to creating your perfect website. We use a few tools including Google Drive to make file transferring and sharing our ideas easy and efficient. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at contact@sproutouts.com. Let’s get working!

How to Collaborate With Us

We give each client their own folder on Google Drive that can be added to any time. We’ll check in as we develop your website, and make sure to add your personal content and ideas as you submit them. You are welcome to email any questions or assets you would like as well. 

Google Drive

Below is a link to your Google Drive’s “Shared With Me” section, which contains a folder from Sproutouts with your name. Here you can add images, documents containing mission statements, bios, etc., and any other content you would like added to your site. This can even include a document containing thoughts and ideas!

*If your folder does not appear, please let us know immediately. We typically create client folders as soon as we agree to work together, so you can add things straight away.

Here are a few kinds of deliverables we typically need to work on a project.

File Deliverables

Document Deliverables

Your website Questionarre

While we don’t require all clients to fill out this form, we recommend spending 5-10 minutes filling out the following questions. These details give us a great starting point toward making your perfect website.