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Email Flows: Why You Should Be Using Them And Where To Start

Email flows are powerful marketing tools that drive sales, save you time, and help you engage with customers in a tailored way.

A quick definition of an email flow

An email flow is a series of automated emails sent to a subscriber based on certain triggers. They can drive sales, help you engage with customers, and save you time by automating communication.

Why do email flows matter?

Email flows allow you to have more specific engagement with your customer base. With an email flow, you can tailor your communication with each customer based on their specific needs. This allows you to better serve your subscribers, and follow up on situations you usually wouldn’t be able to.

How do I set up an email flow?

Setting up an email flow is different depending on the service you use. Most email services have built in flow builders. With these, you choose a trigger and create the email that goes with it. The service then handles the actual sending for you. If you don’t already have an email service, check out this article about why you should start a newsletter. I am going to be posting a Klaviyo tutorial (the service I use) in the near future.

Your First Email Flow: The Welcome Series

The welcome series is a good place to start as it works for any kind of email subscription and is easy to set up. This series aims at giving new subscribers value in return for their interest. It also gives your new subscriber more incentive to continue to engage with your brand. For this flow, you will set the trigger to when a new subscriber joins your list. You can also tailor these emails to different subsets of subscribers based on how they arrived. For now, let’s begin with an overall welcome.

Email One: immediate welcome and introduction

This email will give your new subscriber a warm welcome to your community. Here you can thank your newcomer for their interest, introduce your brand, and highlight the value your newsletter. You can also ask your subscriber to follow you on social media or visit your website. For many, this email will include a freebie or discount of some sort. That way, you can advertise the freebie/deal as an incentive to sign up in your form. I’ll be coming out with an article on newsletter freebies soon.

Email Two: More Value

Just having the initial welcome email is already a great start. For those of you that want bonus points, you can create a follow up email to further engage with your new subscribers. In this email, you can highlight subscriber perks, like early-releases and special deals. You can also continue to show your gratitude by giving them another special offer. Finish off by inviting them to receive more value in return for giving you feedback and reviews.

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Now that you know a little bit about email flows and have a place to begin, you can get started creating your own. Keep on the lookout for more email flow tutorials to come.

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