The “Thank You For Your Purchase” Email Flow

This flow triggers upon purchase of a product, and thanks customers for their support as well as offers them incentives for further action.

Quick Overview on the purchase email flow

The thank you for your purchase email flow is triggered when someone purchases a product. This flow thanks customers for their support and offers them incentives for further action.

How do i set it up?

The way you set up the thank you for your purchase email flow will depend on the ecommerce solution you use and the email service you use. Most of my clients use Shopify to sell their products, and Klaviyo as an email service. These two services have integrations with each other that make this process easy and intuitive. Other services will come with their own processes. A good place to start is searching the internet for combinations of the two services you use. Once you figure out how to record a purchase, you can then set up your flow.

Email One: Immediate Thank You

Start by expressing your gratitude for your customer purchase. Let them know how valuable you find their support of your brand. Next, give your customer a confirmation of their order. This should include a summary of the order and any relevant shipping information. Include a next steps section that invites your customer to reach out with any questions or concerns. Finish off with a call to action that encourages your customer to look at similar products or follow your social media.

Email Two: Exclusive Offer or Loyalty Program Invitation

Offer your customer a special thank you in exchange for the support they gave your business. This can come in the form of a freebie or special discount. Give them a clear outline of the details of the offer and encourage them to take advantage of it.

Email Three: Post-Purchase Check-in

Ask your customer how they are enjoying their purchase and reiterate your gratitude. Check that they are satisfied with their purchase and let them know if they are how much you’d appreciate it if they left a review.

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Now that you have an outline for purchase thank you flow, you can start looking into how to implement it within your setup. Need some help? Feel free to get in touch with me with questions. 

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